Who Were The Green Children of Woolpit And Where Did They Come From?

The First People To Discover Them

2. The First People To Discover Them

The account takes place on a warm summer’s day when workers harvesting on a field are caught off-guard by the sight of two children appearing from a pit; a boy and a girl.

Pits in the village weren’t uncommon as they were used to bait and catch wolves; an apparent practice from Ancient Rome, so children emerging from a pit wasn’t abnormal.

However, these two children in particular bearing a viridescent complexion were certainly an odd sight for the harvesters that saw them. It is recorded that the children had normal proportions and facial features but in addition to their green skin, they had an unidentifiable clothing style so unrecognizable that they weren’t even slightly described in the sources.

When the harvesters approached the children they were afraid, eventually, they spoke to the workers but not in a language that they could understand nor recognize.

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