Who Were The Green Children of Woolpit And Where Did They Come From?

A Mix Up With ‘Babes In The Wood’

24. A Mix Up With ‘Babes In The Wood’

Accompanying the argument that this tale could be true is the possibility that the two children had something to do with “Babes in the Wood” a popular tale originating in the 16th century.

The story is about two children who were taken under the care of their uncle following their father’s death. It is said that the uncle conspired to have the children killed in the forest so that he could receive their inheritance, but there are some mismatches the story has with the account from the 12th century.

It has been proposed that the children died from exposure to falling into a wolf pit like the Green children and the location of the tale is far from Suffolk where the Green Children were found.

The green complexion was attributed to arsenic poisoning but this is dismissed by the fact that arsenic darkens the skin and doesn’t change its color.

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