Who Were The Green Children of Woolpit And Where Did They Come From?

The Green Children And A Spaniard's Voyage To The Moon

18. The Green Children And A Spaniard’s Voyage To The Moon

Halley’s inner Earth proposition inspired many science-fiction writers, the account of the Green Children had the same impact as well independent from the scientists’ theory.

In contrast to the Green children emerging from the inner Earth, some writers suggested that they probably came from above; perhaps, another planet. It began with Robert Burton who said that the other planets and moon were home to the Green Children, then came Francis Godwin who wrote about a Spaniard who took a trip to the moon.

Upon his arrival, the Spaniard encountered people with an unusual skin complexion who wore strange clothing. He learned that when the people on the moon were unhappy with their children they would send them to Earth and they would lose their unusual skin color.

This yet another folklorish adaptation of the centuries-old account.

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