Who Were The Green Children of Woolpit And Where Did They Come From?

Visitors From ‘The Antipodes’

16. Visitors From ‘The Antipodes’

Going back to William Camden’s Britannia and him saying the Green Children could be from ‘The Antipodes’ opens a whole new conversation about the earth, its shape, and possibly its sides.

The Antipodes could refer to another side of the Earth and it has affected how we perceive the world to be shaped. In this context, the Antipodes could be associated with a mythological place; underground on the inside of a mountain or hill which is heavily influenced by Gaelic mythology.

Now with the Green Children being ‘Of Satyre’s kinde’ from The Antipodes could mean that they were mythological creatures, similar to fairies, and came from a mythological place in another world.

Once more affirming that the account of the Green Children is nothing more than a ‘pretty tale’.

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