Who Were The Green Children of Woolpit And Where Did They Come From?

Two Differing Stories

9. Two Differing Stories

Referring back to the first sources; there are some disagreements between Ralph and William’s accounts. William claimed that the girl said she and her brother were from St Martin’s land, named after a significant person in Western Monasticism.

The Saint’s Feast Day is in November and has some ties to Halloween. According to William, St Martin’s land wasn’t all that dusky and the bright sun could be seen from time to time, on top of that there’s no mention of a cavern in William’s account and it seems like the green children just appeared following the sound of cowbells.

In great contrast, Ralph’s account counters Williams’ omissions of the caverns and he continues to say that the young girl became a maidservant to her custodian, Sir Richard. Ralph also describes the girl to have grown into a promiscuous and flippant young lady who went on to marry, despite her questionable behavior.

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