VIPs Who Played A Significant Role In World War 1

Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918)

12. Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918)

Nicholas II became Tsar of Russia at age 26 following the death of Alexander III. Following the signing of the Triple Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, it was clear to Russia that Germany could be an enemy, even if Nicholas was cousins with Kaiser Wilhelm II.

To counter the Triple Alliance, Russia joined a Triple Entente with Britain and France, because of this when Germany declared war against France in 1914, Russia came to France’s aid. However, Tsar Nicholas, dissatisfied with his army’s conduct, took the initiative and Commanded in 1915.

However, his efforts proved to be redundant as the military performance worsened and caused him to lose popularity in Russia. He was soon persuaded to ascend from the throne and struggled to find asylum; even from Triple Entente members.

He and his family met their demise in Ekaterinburg, a Siberian city, and were executed on the night of the 16th of July 1918.

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