VIPs Who Played A Significant Role In World War 1

Flora Sandes (1876-1917)

11. Flora Sandes (1876-1917)

Flora Sandes was a British nurse who enlisted as a Serbian Army soldier during World War I. Prior to the declaration of war by Austor-Hungarian forces, Sandes was a volunteer for a Serbian ambulance unit.

During the period of invasion by Austro-German-Bulgarian forces, Sandes retreated to Corfu with the Army and the government in exile, where she enlisted herself.

In her enlistment career, she achieved promotion to Sergeant-Major and authored a book about her experiences to raise funds for the Serbians. Before 1916, she suffered a wound caused by a grenade; meaning that she had to go back to running a hospital.

However, post-war Sandes remained in the Serbian army and retired as Captain with the high embellishment of the King George Star.

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