The Most Controversial Royal Family Scandals

Henry VIII - Controversial Divorce

6. Henry VIII – Controversial Divorce

The infamous six-time marrying Henry VIII was never a stranger to a sex scandal, but his innate selfish behavior actually paved the way to the establishment of the United Kingdom.

His divorce from Catherine of Aragon ruined his relationship with his main advisor and the Catholic Church that was under imperial seizure.

Charles V of Spain was cousin’s with Catherine and held the title of The Holy Roman Emperor, which gave him the power to not allow the King to escape his vows.

Fortunately, through some advisors, Henry’s associations with the Protestant tradition allowed him to be exempted from the will of The Holy Roman Emperor.

Henry then got divorced and married Anne Boleyn, who was also pregnant with his child and then crowned as queen in 1533. Later the King made his advisor the Archbishop of Canterbury.

King Henry’s actions led to his ex-communication from the Catholic Church in 1538. Interestingly, Henry’s disobedience to the Catholic Church helped form the Church of England and restricted control from The Holy Roman Empire, leading presently to the United Kingdom that we all know today.

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