The Most Controversial Royal Family Scandals

Princess Charlotte - The Snitch

26. Princess Charlotte – The Snitch

Princess Charlotte of Prussia was sister to Kaiser Wilhelm II, the last Emperor of Germany. Some members of the German court and aristocracy were known to participate in lewd sex parties, where drunkenness and orgies were the norms.

Not long after one of these parties at a lodge in Grunewald did an attendee decide to pull a fast one on all that were there. This attendee vehemently blackmailed other partygoers and sent them letters detailing all the licentious acts they had done and in some cases, they sent explicit illustrations attached to the letters.

Soon after the release of over a hundred letters, the lewd acts of the German elites became public which caused major shock and outrage.

The Kaiser’s Master of ceremonies, Leberecht von Kotze, was the only participant arrested but was released without any charges soon after. With a tarnished reputation Kotze sought revenge and challenged other male partygoers to a duel.

Sadly, he got injured in his first duel then got killed with a bullet to his intestine in a second duel. It is believed that Princess Charlotte was the blackmailer because she was well-known for loving scandals and stirring up whatever mischief she could.

This is why it is also believed that she organized the gathering in order to trap the prestigious guests.

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