The Most Controversial Royal Family Scandals

King George I - A 300-year-old Murder Mystery

21. King George I – A 300-year-old Murder Mystery

Georg Ludwig of the House of Hanover was married to his cousin Sophia Dorothea of Celle. Soon after he was crowned King George I of Britain. The King and Queen had two children, but their marriage grew cold and they ended up losing interest in one another.

The King eventually took a mistress for himself and spent most of his free time with her. Not long after, a Swedish count named Philip Christoph von Konigsmarck caught the Queen’s eye and the two began an affair, leaving behind over 300 letters documenting their relationship.

They expressed the desire to elope, but because there wasn’t enough money, they continued to wait for the right opportunity. Unfortunately, King George found out about the affair through a bitter Countess von Platen who wanted Konigsmarck to marry her daughter.

One evening, Sophia was expecting a visit from her lover at the Leine Palace in Hanover, he never arrived and was never heard from again. It was generally assumed that the King had him killed, but folklore claims that Konigsmarck’s body ended up in the Leine River.

Sophia was later arrested and imprisoned for the rest of her life. In 2016, roughly 300 years after the alleged murder, old bones found at the Leine Palace were assumed to be Konigsmarck’s, but tests showed that some belong to animals while the human bones did not befit someone of Konigsmarck’s gender and age.

The mystery remains unsolved.

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