The Most Controversial Royal Family Scandals

King Edward VII -The Playboy Prince

20. King Edward VII -The Playboy Prince

King Edward VII was King of the United Kingdom and Ireland. From June to September of 1861, while still a Prince serving in Ireland with an army unit, he had a relationship with an actress which immediately put a strain on him and his mother’s relationship.

The events of his relationship with the actress caused a lot of division between him and his parents, with his mother adamantly refusing to write him letters unless his father was on his deathbed.

Soon after, Prince Edward would meet with his father to try to build bridges, but as soon as his father returned home he had contracted Typhoid fever, which his mother would blame him heavily for.

Thereafter, the Prince’s father would be on his deathbed, and Edward was only allowed to see him moments before he died. After his death, the Queen swore to never forgive the Prince nor forget his relationship with the actress.

The Prince, however, went on to be King and went further down his road of promiscuity, by having many affairs with prostitutes and married women.

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