The Most Controversial Royal Family Scandals

Sunanda Kumariratana - Chakri Dynasty Queen Drowns

19. Sunanda Kumariratana – Chakri Dynasty Queen Drowns

The Queen of present-day Thailand, Sunanda Kumariratana passed away in an unfortunate accident on the 31st of May 1880.

While on board a steamboat, they collided with a royal boat that was being towed to the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, one of the Summer Palaces.

The steamboat capsized and whilst being surrounded by onlookers, the queen drowned. This is because the queen’s guard told them not to do anything, which could be attributed to a myth that stated that touching the queen was a capital offense.

However, there are accounts that men quickly got into the water and tried saving her whilst she was entangled in curtains. Sadly, it was too late, and to make things worse, the 19-year-old queen was pregnant with a daughter; Kannabhorn Bejaratana.

Her guard that incited the controversy was later punished.

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