The Most Controversial Royal Family Scandals

Prince George - The Rockstar

1. Prince George – The Rockstar

The Duke of Kent was a certified wild child who was highly favored by the public but seen as an embarrassment to the Crown.

Prince George had quite the lascivious appetite and would often steal away men and women secretly from the public, for reasons unconfirmed. That and his drug use painted the young Prince to be a deviant of Royal culture, and not long after, the Prince met his end in 1942.

The trained pilot with 60,000 hours of flying time under his belt, apparently crashed into a Scottish hillside; killing 14 passengers. We say “apparently” because the exact cause of the crash is still determined, and with so many hours of pilot time, it makes it even harder to believe that he crashed the plane.

Instead many suggest that the Crown couldn’t endure the Prince’s behavior any longer and chose an easier way out.

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