The Most Controversial Royal Family Scandals

Ibrahim I - A Debaucherous Sultan

18. Ibrahim I – A Debaucherous Sultan

Ibrahim I was raised in a room without windows for 23 years. When he came of age, Murad IV, the previous Sultan ordered for Ibrahim to be killed on his deathbed, however, Ibrahim’s mother would not allow it to happen. Soon after, Ibrahim was proclaimed to be the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

The beginning of Ibrahim’s reign marked the first time that he left his room after 23 years, and he had a lot of catching up to do. In an attempt to gain his lost years the Sultan wanted to engage in as much debauchery as he could, and his mother supported him in his endeavors.

Surprisingly, his mother did all the politics while he suffered from impotence which meant that he couldn’t produce a male heir, but as time went on Ibrahim’s debauchery soon became a monstrous addiction.

While he did go on to father many children, he often caused them life-threatening injuries when he was enraged. Stabbing one of them in the face and throwing another in a pool, were but a few of the Sultan’s hideous actions.

Not long after, he was arrested and held in the room where he was raised, awaiting execution. He was strangled while holding the Qur’an.

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