The Heartbreaking Story of Sharon Elliott – The Hatbox Baby

Sharon Elliott was known as the “Hatbox Baby” for most of her life. Her moniker bears a heart-wrenching story, detailing her journey from discovering that she was an adoptee, all the way through the trials she endured in finding out who her biological parents were.

Along the way, she received help from vibrant individuals who were headstrong in solving her case, of these individuals, journalist John D’anna remarks on her case to this day. A varying statistic shows that almost 50% of adoptees search for their birth parents, with 66% of women and 34% of men being active in their search.

Adoptees tend to feel out of place in their adoptive families, and the lack of information they have acts as a void in their identity which is a notable motivation. Most begin their search in their adolescent years, which maintains the likelihood of finding their parents alive.

What makes Sharon Elliott’s story so intriguing is the number of questions surrounding her discovery by a couple in the middle of a desert, the circumstances of society when she was born, and the many twists and turns in her case.

Her story premiered on Unsolved Mysteries; a documentary series that explored her story even with minimal information. Following is the expounding of the mystery of the “Hatbox Baby” only solved decades later.

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