The Heartbreaking Story of Sharon Elliott – The Hatbox Baby

Her Adoptive Parents

#28 Her Adoptive Parents

Soon, Sharon became top news all over the country as a symbol of hope during the advent of the Great Depression.

Not long after, she was put up for adoption and wrung in seventeen couples at a hearing held at a County Courthouse in Florence, Arizona.

Following a narrowing down of the prospective couples, the little girl was eventually adopted by Faith Morrow and Henry Stieg, who named her Sharon.

Thereafter, Henry and Faith divorced which was interesting for the time because many women chose to stay married due to the poor state of the labor market in the ’30s.

This forced them to be more dependent on men to provide.

However, nearly six years later, in 1939, Faith remarried Arthur Morrow who quickly assumed the role of Sharon’s father figure and together they built a life together.

Sharon grew up a genuinely happy child.

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