The Heartbreaking Story of Sharon Elliott – The Hatbox Baby

Meet Her Rescuers: Ed and Julia Stewart

#29 Meet Her Rescuers: Ed and Julia Stewart

Sharon Elliott’s rescuers were a couple, Ed and Julia Stewart. The newlyweds at the time were driving on the desert highway when their car broke down.

Their car broke down approximately, 150 feet (46 meters) from where the baby in the hatbox was.

Ed quickly got to fixing the car’s fuel line that had been damaged by the jagged road. Meanwhile, Julia headed for a light stroll in the scattered field where, amid the low shrub, she came across the hatbox.

From the box she heard an indistinct noise, thinking that it was either a kitten or puppy, she called Ed to the scene.

Ed opened the box and to their shock, they discovered a whimpering and red-headed Sharon Elliott, with her legs drawn to her chest.

They weren’t sure how long she had been there, but she was hungry and cold from the cool December weather.

Soon after the dumbfounding discovery, Ed finished repairing the car, and the young couple rushed little Sharon to the Mesa Arizona police station, about an hour’s drive away.

Upon arrival, the Chief of Police, Joe Maler, took over from the Stewart’s and transported the infant to a maternity home in the area where a doctor examined her and confirmed that she was healthy.

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