The Heartbreaking Story of Sharon Elliott – The Hatbox Baby

Positive Results With A Catch

#19 Positive Results With A Catch

After weeks of waiting, the results came back with both good and bad news.

The good news was that Sharon had blood relatives, third and fourth cousins, in the Davenport area in Iowa; over 2,000 kilometers away from her!

The bad news, which turned out to be not much of a hindrance, was the many entangled family trees.

Genealogically referred to as endogamy, Sharon’s cousins came from an area where intermarriage had tangled multiple family trees.

The intermarriages made it difficult to track down any primary source, but Belza persisted and narrowed down Sharon’s gene pool.

It was discovered later that Sharon had German ancestry carried by two individuals named; Walter and Freda Roth, the next question was whether they were her birth parents or not.

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