The Heartbreaking Story of Sharon Elliott – The Hatbox Baby

A Positive Change Of Events

#21 A Positive Change Of Events

Years had passed and Sharon was getting much older, having suffered a hip injury; she was then confined to a wheelchair.

Conspiracies arose around the viability of her origin story in the Arizona desert.

The likes of Alice Synman had their doubts and D’Anna wondered if Ed and Julia’s account in the desert was fact or fiction.

However, in 2017 at the Arizona Storytellers Program, D’Anna took a chance and told the attendees and his five colleagues about the Hatbox Baby.

Touched by the story, Bonnie Belza, an attendee and DNA genealogist, offered her services to the Hatbox Baby case.

Belza would use the same kits that many Americans used for ‘amateur’ DNA testing and piece together Sharon’s ancestry, D’Anna was willing and accepted the offer.

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