Secret Code Names of U.S. Presidents You Had No Idea About!

Searchlight - Richard Nixon

#7 Searchlight – Richard Nixon

The president with the most ironic code name to his credit, Richard Nixon’s Secret Service code name befitted him for the amount of notoriety that he gained in the press for the Watergate Scandal.

Nixon, with five other perpetrators, was charged with conspiracy and for the involvement in the break-in of the Democratic Nationational Committee Headquarters. 

The resulting investigation proved that Nixon had personally ordered the break-in to fund his re-election campaigns, with several taped recordings acting as ironclad alibis for his involvement.

Nixon’s exposure eventually led to his impeachment from the office and he later resigned, becoming the only president in the US history to have relinquished his right to presidential duties. He was later pardoned by his successor and 38th US President, Gerald Ford.

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