Secret Code Names of U.S. Presidents You Had No Idea About!

Volunteer - Lyndon B. Johnson

#4 Volunteer – Lyndon B. Johnson

Originally a high school teacher from Stonewall, Texas, Lyndon B. Johnson worked his way up to becoming the 36th US President. Known for his affirmative policies towards civil rights, public broadcasting, and medical care, Johnson helped millions of Americans crawl out of poverty.

Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, Johnson assumed the full responsibility of the presidential office. He was given the name Volunteer by the Secret Service agency, which is quite ironic as he didn’t volunteer for the position of the President.

Johnson remains a popular figure in the media for his contributions towards civil rights, gun control, and wilderness preservation. However, he is often a subject of substantial criticism for his involvement in the Vietnam War.

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