Secret Code Names of U.S. Presidents You Had No Idea About!

Lancer - John F. Kennedy

#3 Lancer – John F. Kennedy

The life of the 35th US president was plagued by both drama and tragedy. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, better known as JFK, came from a prominent political family. His charming personality and solid monetary backup from his family allowed him to defeat his opponent, Richard Nixon, in the 1960 Presidential Election.

Kennedy was a Harvard graduate and severed in the US Naval Reserve during the Second World War. He commandeered a fleet of PT boats in the Pacific Theatre, and his services later earned him the Navy and Marine Corps Medal.

Kennedy’s Secret Service code name, Lancer, was derived from the Arthurian Legend of Camelot in which Lancelot is one of the bravest Knights of the Round Table. This name was allegedly coined by his wife.

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