Secret Code Names of U.S. Presidents You Had No Idea About!

Providence - Dwight Eisenhower

#2 Providence – Dwight Eisenhower

Dwight David Eisenhower, better known by his nickname Ike that stuck with him due to his campaign slogan “I Like Ike”, served as the 34th U.S. President. Besides being a powerful politician, Eisenhower was a war veteran and climbed his way up to becoming a 5-star General in the Army.

Eisenhower was known for his supreme military tactics and hence, was vested with the responsibility of several important objectives such as Invasion of Normandy and the invasion of North Africa in Operation Torch.

Besides being called Ike, Eisenhower was called by different names, including his Secret Service code name Providence. Upon his retirement from his office, he as nicknamed Scorecard, due to his affinity towards golf.

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