Real Hobbits Existed! And Here’s Proof of That

Extinction of the Hobbit

Extinction of the Hobbit

The youngest bones of the H. floresiensis that were found in the Liang Bua cave were dated to 60,000 years ago. The stone tools were dated to 50,000 years ago. That’s around the same time modern humans reached the area.

Most likely, initial encounters between the two species led to, or at least, contributed to the extinction of the Hobbits!

This is pretty much consistent with the case of the H. neanderthalensis. They went extinct some 40,000 years ago, roughly 5,000 years after modern humans arrived in Europe.

In the case of Homo floresiensis, skeletal remains of modern humans were found in the Liang Bua cave. Those skeletal remains were dated to be 46,000 years old. This clearly indicates that modern humans gradually replaced the Hobbits.

Interestingly, Stegodon and Leptoptilos robustus (giant stork) also went extinct after modern humans reached there.

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