Prehistoric Animals That We Are Glad Went Extinct


#20 Megapiranha

The Piranha in the film Piranha3D won’t seem half as scary if you were to have a look at the extinct fish, Megapiranha.

This ancient serrasalmidae characin fish was way larger than modern-day Piranhas.

Megapiranhas were known to have two rows of sharp teeth and a shocking length of about 3 feet.

Quite true to their name, these giant piranhas were also some of the largest sea-dwelling creatures to exist during their era.

The scariest thing about Megapiranhas is hands-down the fact that its single bite force was between 1,240 and 4,749 N.

So, it wouldn’t take you long to become Captain Hook if your arm were to be stuck between its jaws!

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