Prehistoric Animals That We Are Glad Went Extinct


#24 Dunkleosteus

The Dunkleosteus was a monstrous fish that went extinct a long time ago (precisely 360 million years). 

It featured a 30-feet long body and weighed around 4 tons! What’s more, it had an armor-like body that was almost impossible to penetrate.

Research is unclear on whether it was a cannibalistic creature or a mere carnivorous sea-dweller. 

Dunkleosteus had a sharp, beak-like mouth that was designed to bite into super-hard substances (like bones!).

This fish had a jaw so powerful that it could grab something and snap it shut in no time at all. 

Phew, can you imagine spotting a fish the size of an Olympic pool on your next beach visit? Well, we’re as terrified as you are!

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