Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries In History

Urine Filled Bottle to Reverse Witch Spell

4. Urine Filled Bottle to Reverse Witch Spell

Witchcraft was not an alien term back in the day. Though it was taboo, it was not unheard of. Witch spells were common too, or that’s what people of the 17th century believed. To many, witchcraft still equals ‘a myth’ but after discovering a bottle filled with urine in Greenwich, England, many people thought otherwise.

It is believed that, in order to reverse a witch spell, people used to fill a bottle with urine, then add some fingernails in it, with strands of hair, iron nails, some brass pins, and a heart-shaped leather piece with a twisted iron nail pierced through it. This bottle was then buried in the ground upside down in hopes to cast the spell back on the witch. According to British Archaeology magazine, this was not an uncommon ritual of that century.

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