Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries In History

Vampire or Plague?

2. Vampire or Plague?

The myth of the existence of vampires dates back to Greek Dark Ages. Throughout history, researchers have discovered depictions and burials that hint that vampirism existed.

In the 16th century, Europe was attacked by a plague. A plague victim was wrapped in a cloth shroud and was buried. 

Later, when a gravedigger dug the graves for mass burial following the plague, they found that the dead body had tried to eat its way out of the grave. The mouth was covered with shrouds and the hair was still growing. It was clear that it was not a normal human being, so they shoved a brick into the undead’s mouth to prevent it from eating its way out of the grave and spreading the plague.

Many believed that man to be a vampire and many thought he just could not die. So what was he? That’s still a mystery.

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