Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries In History

Roopkund Lake - The Skeleton Lake

20. Roopkund Lake – The Skeleton Lake

An icy cold lake, high up in the Indian Himalayan mountains, holds one of the spookiest archeological mysteries – almost 800 skeletons of people that can be dated as far back as the 7th century BC to 800 D. 

Curious? We bet you are! Dubbed the ‘Skeleton Lake’, researchers are still confused as to what these people were doing at Roopkund lake before they slid to their deaths. DNA analysis has revealed that the remains belong to people not just from South Asia, but even people with Mediterranean and Greek origin. 

What were people from Greece doing at the Roopkund lake? Was it battles, a pilgrimage, or simply a commonly used, but dangerous, path? The jury’s still out.

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