Important Protests and Riots That Changed the World Forever

The Fall of Berlin Wall, 1989

12. The Fall of Berlin Wall, 1989

Monday Demonstrations of East Germany – especially the Leipzig Demonstrations – played a pivotal role that ultimately helped to bring down the Berlin wall on 9thof November, 1989.

The Iron Curtain, a political boundary separating post-WorldWar II Europe, fell as a consequence and communism began to wane out from the political structure of Eastern and Central Europe.

Collectively, the events triggered a chain reaction that went on to dissolve the inner German border, uniting Germany once again, and led to the end of the Cold War – officially signed off three weeks later at the Malta Summit.

A monumental event in European history, the fall of Berlin Wall saw people nicknamed Wallpeckers chipping off segments using an assortment of tools and taking them back as souvenirs.

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