Fascinating Facts About The Mayan Civilization

This Mysterious Carving On Their King's Coffin Is World-Famous

20. This Mysterious Carving On Their King’s Coffin Is World-Famous

Between 615 to 683 AD, a Great Mayan King by the name of Pakal ruled the Mayan city of Palenque peacefully for over 70 years. After he died, Pakal was buried in a beautifully carved stone tomb, and the lid of the tomb bears a very detailed and mysterious image. 

It shows Pakal leaning back in a seated position, and apparently leaving the earth and joining the sacred upper world, or heavens. Some conspiracy theorists even claim that this depiction shows that the Mayans had knowledge of Aerospace travel since the seating position of Pakal looks like how modern-day astronauts sit inside a rocket! 

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