Chilling Facts You Didn’t Know About the Catacombs of Paris

Cataphiles: A Community of Catacomb Lovers

7. Cataphiles: A Community of Catacomb Lovers

By now you may have understood why the Paris police authorities have kept only a portion of the catacombs open to the public – because of the several hazards, they don’t want people just venturing off into the confusing maze all by themselves. 

However, this hasn’t stopped the iconic catacombs from inspiring their very own breed of die-hard urban followers – a group that calls themselves the Cataphiles. Despite declaring most of the catacombs as off-limits for the general public, Cataphiles have been known to flout rules by illegally exploring the off-limits areas of the tunnels.
They are also known to have covered the walls of the catacombs in art, installed sculptures and meet each other regularly. 
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