Chilling Facts You Didn’t Know About the Catacombs of Paris

An Unknown Group Setup a Movie Theatre There

6. An Unknown Group Setup a Movie Theatre There

As we said, the catacombs extend over a network of 180-mile underground tunnels. So no matter how hard the public authorities try, it is pretty hard to keep track of exactly who’s visiting and what’s going on within these walls all the time – and a lot of people have taken advantage of that!

In 2004, police authorities made a startling revelation – a full-fledged movie theater set up in one of the dark, restricted tunnels of the catacombs!  Not just that – the theatre also had a CCTV camera set up that recorded footage of anyone passing by.
It gets even weirder – they also had a mechanism of triggering the sound of barking dogs to frighten off passers-by in case they got too close! The cops still have no idea who was behind this feat.
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