Chilling Facts You Didn’t Know About the Catacombs of Paris

Only A Tiny Region Is Open To Public

24. Only A Tiny Region Is Open To Public

While you know by now that the catacombs extend to over 180 miles of tunnels, only a tiny slice of it is open to us! It is said that a mere 1.1 miles of the original catacombs are available for tourists and the general public to visit while marking the rest as illegal. 

There are several good reasons for this – not only is it very easy to get confused and lost in its long-winding tunnels, but a major portion of the catacombs are also vulnerable to flooding in case of heavy rains. Not to mention, criminal gangs can potentially use it as hideouts to carry out their sinister activities!
As a result, the city has opened up only a slim portion of the tunnels to the public, for the sake of the public themselves! 
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