Chilling Facts You Didn’t Know About the Catacombs of Paris

A Group Of Priests 'Blessed' The Remains

21. A Group Of Priests ‘Blessed’ The Remains

While the problem of the overflowing Parisian cemeteries could only be solved by moving the remains into the catacombs, it did pose another challenge. Apparently, it is forbidden to move the remains of a dead person once they have been buried in their final resting place.

But the situation was urgent – so it was important to find a workaround solution to this dilemma – and they did! It is said that a group of priests was appointed whose sole function was to bless the remains of the people who were moved from the cemeteries into the catacombs. They did this by accompanying the remains as they were being transferred, singing holy chants all along the way.

Finally, once the procession reached the catacombs entrance, the priests uttered another chant to finally bless the remains with eternal peace.

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