Chilling Facts You Didn’t Know About the Catacombs of Paris

The Bones Are Arranged In Decorative Styles

10. The Bones Are Arranged In Decorative Styles

Back in the 1780s, when the bones of the dead first began to be transported into the catacombs from the cemeteries above the ground, they were merely stored in the tunnels without much thought to the arrangement. 

However, with time, the workers began to arrange the remains in interesting ways. This led to the creation of a lot of interesting statues and decorative displays made purely from the bony remains! Even though this may sound like an odd thing to do, it did serve a couple of purposes.
Rearranging the bones in the shapes of spheres, hearts, and other structures freed up more space that could be used to store more remains. Also, it ended up looking interesting as well – spooky – but interesting! 
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