Chilling Facts About Indiana’s Abandoned Witches Castle

The Tale Of A Second Murder

#2 The Tale Of A Second Murder

Stewarts encounters at the Witches castle left her longing for more information about the property. She then took to the residents of Utica and found an older man who knew the owners of Mistletoe prior to Druien’s ownership.

He told her of another legend regarding the building; a young boy and parents lived on the property and were attacked by a burglar, who killed the boy’s parents. After the burglar was executed for a bevy of crimes, the boy, then as a man, sought after 7 of the burglar’s relatives.

It is said that he kidnapped them and held them in his home; one fateful day, he hung them all from the trees towering in the Mistletoe falls area and shot himself straight after. It is often construed that the souls of the victims linger in the Witches castle and that the shadowy figure could perhaps be the vengeful man.

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