Amazing Facts About Mary Anning – The First Female Paleontologist

Discovery Of Plesiosaurus

#27 Discovery Of Plesiosaurus

From 1820-1823, Mary had possibly discovered two skeletons of Plesiosaurus. William Conybeare, an eminent geologist and paleontologist, presented a paper on the anatomy of the Plesiosaurus.

He failed to mention Mary Anning as the original fossil hunter even though there is a possibility that he used the sketch of the skeleton that Mary herself had made.

In 1830, Mary Anning found another complete and crucial plesiosaur skeleton.

William Buckland named the fossil Plesiosaurus macrocephalus, and Richard Owen, biologist, paleontologist, and comparative anatomist, wrote a paper on it in 1840.

Even in the paper, Owen failed to recognize the female’s efforts who discovered and prepared the fossil but had the name of the wealthy gentlemen who bought it.

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