Amazing Facts About Mary Anning – The First Female Paleontologist

She Was Nicknamed The Princess Of Paleontology

#2 She Was Nicknamed The Princess Of Paleontology

Although the sources remained unknown about who coined the term ‘Princess of Paleontology,’ Ludwig Leichhardt was the first to use it.

A German explorer and naturist, Ludwig visited Mary Anning in 1837 and recorded his thoughts.

He wrote about his meeting with Mary Anning and how she is energetic, young yet ‘tanned and masculine in the expression.’

Ludwig also mentioned Mary’s determination to go fossil hunting every morning to the slopes of Lias, no matter what the weather was.

Although Ludwig mistook Anning’s age and called her 28 years of age, she was 38 years old when he visited her in Lyme Regis.

Ludwig Leichhardt recorded notes about his acquaintance with Anning was detrimental in getting her recognized across the science community.

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