Amazing Facts About Mary Anning – The First Female Paleontologist

She Was Born Into An Impoverished Family

#11 She Was Born Into An Impoverished Family

Mary Anning was the fifth offspring and one of the two surviving children of Molly and Richard Anning.

After losing Richard to tuberculosis in 1810, the burden of losing the sole breadwinner of the family was too much for the Anning family.

Mary was a mere 11 years old, and her elder brother Joseph 14 years old when their father dies.

They were in debt which had to payed back, and they also had to earn enough money for daily expenses.

In the years 1811 and 1816, the Anning family received assistance from the Overseers of the Poor. Later on, Mary and her brother Joseph turned to fossil hunting full time to support their family.

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