Amazing Facts About Mary Anning – The First Female Paleontologist

She Never Got Married And Had No Children

#12 She Never Got Married And Had No Children

Mary Anning had a rough life. Right from her childhood, she has faced many financial problems and also the death of her father.

Struggling to support her family through her fossil hunting expeditions, Mary had a lot going on.

While the movie ‘Ammonite’ starring Kate Winslet as Mary Anning, is loosely based on her life, there are no historical records of Mary Anning being a lesbian.

Mary was constantly trying to achieve recognition and success for her talent.

Being a commercial fossil hunter, Mary had more knowledge about fossils than most wealthy and upper-class fossilists.

Mary spent her life living her passion for fossil collecting and didn’t pay heed to the injustice men of science threw at her.

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