Amazing Facts About Mary Anning – The First Female Paleontologist

She Died From Cancer At Age 47

#13 She Died From Cancer At Age 47

Mary’s final years were spent in agony because of her cancer illness. She couldn’t even focus on her fossil work because of the pain of her cancer diagnosis.

Her work life dwindled, but the geological community came to her rescue.

In 1846, after hearing of Mary’s breast cancer diagnosis, the geological community raised money. This money was given to Anning so that she could manage the expenses of her cancer.

Mary was also installed as an honorary member of the then-new Dorset County Museum.

Unfortunately, she lost her fight to cancer and died on 9th March 1847 at the age of 47. Mary was buried in the backyard of the local parish church St. Michaels on 15th March.

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