Amazing Facts About Mary Anning – The First Female Paleontologist

Anning’s Hometown Was Once Underwater!

#17 Anning’s Hometown Was Once Underwater!

Mary Anning’s hometown, Lyme Regis, is a small town situated in West Dorset, England. Also known as the “Pearl of Dorset,” this town is located along the English Channel coast.

Lyme Regis is known for its fossils in beaches and cliffs on the Jurassic or Heritage Coast.

While this coast is now a World Heritage Site, its history reads differently. Almost 200 million years ago, Mary Anning’s peaceful hometown was underwater!

This is the primary reason for the existence of many prehistoric and rare fossils at this town’s beaches.

Since the town was underwater, there were millions of underwater organisms and sea creatures that evolved and later turned into precious fossils.

Some of these rare fossils were found by Mary Anning herself centuries later!

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