Amazing Facts About Mary Anning – The First Female Paleontologist

Anning Survived A Lightning Strike!

#19 Anning Survived A Lightning Strike!

In 1800, Mary Anning was merely 15 months old. At this tender age, she survived a lightning strike as the three other girls with her lost their lives.

Mary’s parents somehow revived her with great effort, and ever since, her story has been featured in many books.

Mary Anning’s story consists of countless struggles. From surviving the lightning bolt to dealing with financial and emotional hardships, Anning never had it easy.

At eleven, she lost her father as he passed away due to tuberculosis.

While many would see this loss as an end, Mary Anning decided to support her family by selling fossils and discovering more.

This is how her legacy began, as she foraged for fossils with her brother and slowly grew her collection.

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