Amazing Facts About Mary Anning – The First Female Paleontologist

Two Biographies Of Mary Anning’s Life

#22 Two Biographies Of Mary Anning’s Life

Being almost erased from history because she was a poor woman, the world was unknown to Mary Anning’s life as a talented paleontologist.

Mary Anning’s social class, gender, religion, and education stood in the way of her becoming a renowned paleontologist.

The Fossil Hunter by Shelly Emling and Jurassic Mary by Patricia Pierce are two great biographies that bring to life the real story behind the first woman paleontologist.

Even though society was so against her, she still managed to make some fantastic contributions to paleontology, giving a deeper insight into the prehistoric era.

With no surviving documentation of her life as a fossil hunter, we have two biographies to understand Mary Anning’s life.

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