Amazing Facts About Mary Anning – The First Female Paleontologist

A nineteenth-century fossil hunter who went on to become the first female paleontologist, Mary Anning was a pioneer. Born to Dissenter parents, Mary had a poverty-stricken childhood.

Her father, Richard Anning, who was a cabinetmaker started selling fossils as curios for extra income. Joining her father on fossil hunts from a young age, Mary was drawn to fossils.

She and her brother Joseph used to accompany their father along the Lyme Regis cliffs, where they would find fossils to sell.

The tourists who visited Lyme Regis for the coastline loved to take back memorable souvenirs home.

After her father’s tragic death, Mary’s mother continued the fossil hunting business to support the family.

Shortly after her father’s death, Mary discovered a giant ammonite. This large ammonite was bought by a tourist lady who paid a significant amount.

It made Mary Anning realize that she can earn serious money from fossil hunting to support her family.

So, she went to the beach every day searching for fossils, and her discoveries have shaped the future of paleontology since!

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