7 Darkest Moments In History That No One Taught Us in History Class

Winston Churchill and The Bengali Famine

7. Winston Churchill and The Bengali Famine

Winston Churchill was Britain’s most esteemed wartime leader; he is forever celebrated and embellished as a hero of recent history. With that being said, Churchill also had a less appealing side to him that shone in a terrible decision he made that affected millions of people in India.

During the Second World War, Churchill declared the “Denial of Rice” policy that meant to strike the Japanese who were conquering neighboring nations. The policy brought harsh famine to the Bengali people, who were already struggling to make substance of their local rice production.

To worsen the matter, Churchill ordered rice imports to be sent to British soldiers in the Mediterranean over the already-starving Bengalis. Already under the dark cloud of war, the streets of Bengal were scattered with corpses and lined with malnourished children.

Despite the tragedy, Churchill remained unapologetic; his words expressed deep disdain for Indians and their country. He deflected responsibility and took to criticizing their way of life and them as people; thus, reiterating the oppression of colonization.

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