7 Darkest Moments In History That No One Taught Us in History Class

Joseph Mengele, the Angel of Death

5. Joseph Mengele, the Angel of Death

The rueful practice of doctors under the orders of the Nazi regime is far from dismissed. Of these doctors, SS extermination camp doctor; Joseph Mengele made an everlasting etch garnering him the infamous title: The Angel of Death.

A very learned man, Mengele joined the SS in 1938 then was shortly based in Auschwitz. He is remembered for his sadistic behavior that manifested in the merciless experiments he performed on Concentration camp prisoners.

Most of his experiments ended with the prisoners dead or impaired, as seen with an experiment where he’d inject chemicals in their eyes to see if they’d turn blue. Such an experiment left the subjects blind. Devastatingly, his terror went unpunished; The Angel of Death died in 1979 in a swimming accident.

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