7 Darkest Moments In History That No One Taught Us in History Class

The Atrocities Of The Second Boer War

4. The Atrocities Of The Second Boer War

The Second Boer War lasted from 1899-1902 and was the struggle of The British to conquer the Boers in the Orange Free State. Even though the British began without force, the Boers quickly proved their disapproval; achieving impressive feats amid the tug despite the fact that they were less in number.

In an instant war had ensued; the British equipped with over 600,000 troops additionally resorted to constructing concentration camps dedicated to the Boers. The Boers implemented guerrilla and hit and run tactics rather than pitched battles.

In retaliation, the British adopted destructive policies in which they targeted Boer property; setting their farms and homes ablaze, killing their livestock, and contaminating their wells. From June 1901 to May 1902 approximately 115,000 Boers were herded into the ghastly concentration camps.

They were subject to poor conditions, such as; overcrowding, poor hygiene, and malnutrition in which many succumbed.

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