7 Darkest Moments In History That No One Taught Us in History Class

Insurance Claims, Trials And The Abolition Of Slavery

3. Insurance Claims, Trials And The Abolition Of Slavery

With such forbidding acts of cruelty, as seen with throwing slaves overboard, Slave-trading syndicates would disregard the murderous act as the slaves were counted as cargo.

Under the guise of human cargo, syndicates could take out insurance on the lost lives. However, the Zong owners were declined an insurance claim as the insurers ruled their acts as murder. Thus commencing the jury trial; Gregson vs Gilberto, which concluded without the prosecution for the drownings.

Although justice was deferred, the talk of incidents such as The Zong Massacre brought awareness and launched the movement that sought to abolish slavery. The movement relished victory in 1833 when the British Parliament abolished slavery once and for all.

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